Used & Obsolete Spare Parts



We are able to supply spares from the major manufacturers, CCT, ETC, Martin, Strand/Selecon, Zero88 some of which we keep in stock to support our venue services department.

Please call us with your requirements and we will aim to help.

Used spares

Since the company started its philosophy has also been to maintain existing equipment where possible and we do not like seeing perfectly good equipment being thrown away because it is old.

Although now rarer, we have serviced and repaired dimmers that are 30 to 40 years old and refurbished stage lanterns of similar ages for many venues. Where equipment is upgraded the older equipment is either refurbished or stripped for future spare parts to extend the life of other units in the field or we donate the equipment to ‘Electrokinetica’, a collection of electrical and electronic artefacts encompassing the first 150 years of electrical technology, whom we support. You could say we were the early eco-warriors!

If you have older equipment that requires a service or need obsolete spares then give us a call and we may be able to help.

We are currently breaking for spares –

Strand Lighting

JTM and STM Dimmer Racks

LD90 & LD24 Dimmer Racks

EC90 Dimmer Racks

Act 6 Dimmer Racks

Patt 23, Patt 123, Patt 223, Patt 264 Stage Lanterns

Prelude Fresnel and Profiles

CCT Lighting

Minuette Fresnels and Minuette Profiles 

Zero 88

Betapack Dimmer Racks

LTC Dimmer Racks

Elara and Level Series Lighting Desks

Frog Lighting Desks


Paradim Dimmers