Tannoy VSX 8.2BP

Audio and video installation and commissioning

We had an enjoyable time at TASIS school completing the works we started over three years ago. Initially replacing the house lighting system with the Chroma Q Inspire RGB lanterns and Cogent RL7 down lighters, a year later installing a comprehensive trussing system using Litec QX30SA & FX30SA, new theatre lighting installation using ColorSource Thru Power units from ETC and a planned audiovisual infrastructure. This time we supplied all the loose AV kit, unpacking boxes, installing, plugging in, commissioning and programming, nice clean easy work. The sound system consisted of Tannoy VX12, Tannoy VX8 delays, Tannoy VSX 12.2BP & VSX 8.2BP subs powered from Lab Gruppen E series amplifiers and Symetrics Jupiter audio DSP. It sounded awesome! If you are thinking about and audio upgrade why not give us a call.