RGB stage lights

Motion House installation at Vitsoe Ltd

As a specialist subcontractor to AC Projects Ltd we assisted them with the engineering design, installation, commissioning and programming of a very interesting turn key project for Motion House, a dance circus production house who use digital imagery and emotive sound in their performances. Their new home is in part of the fantastic new headquarters building of Vitsoe Ltd which is built using beech laminate-veneer lumber and is designed to be environmentally sustainable even in its daily manufacturing operation. The theatrical stage lighting consisted of a range of LED fixtures from Prolights, sACN network Luminex distribution and Pharos touch panel control. The audio system included DAD 208 powered speakers and Allen & Heath mixer and we also installed over 70m of Triple EEE two-way curtain track and black drapes.  It was definitely a very interesting project with meticulous requirements from the building owner but as always, we enjoyed the challenge and delivered a very successful project. For full details see case studies and see what we can do to help you with your project.