TASIS School

Type: Fleming Theatre – Audio, Video and Control System

Our Solutions

In the spring of 2018 the theatre department of TASIS school secured the funding for the final stage of the three year program of works. In 2016 we designed and replaced the house lighting system with the Chroma Q Inspire RGB lanterns, Cogent RL7 down lighters and iLight source controller, and a year later we designed and installed a comprehensive trussing system using Litec QX30SA & FX30SA, new theatre lighting installation using ColorSource Thru Power units from ETC wired to custom socket panels around the venue and a planned audiovisual infrastructure for this final stage.

The previous year we had designed, wired, delivered and installed a full height 42U 19” audiovisual equipment rack for the back stage amplifier and also a 22U 19” audio visual equipment rack in the control booth for the source and control equipment. The team had a great time unpacking boxes, loading the pre-wired AV equipment racks, populating the control panels and rigging speakers. All we had to do was just plug the equipment into the pre-installed and tested cabling infrastructure completed during the previous phase of the project. This is normally at the end of the contract when the team are tired and the deadline is looming.
The sound system consisted of four Tannoy VX12’s for main left and right and centre pair with a pair of Tannoy VSX 12.2BP subs under the stage, four Tannoy VX8 and a pair of Tannoy VSX VSX 8.2BP subs were flown on the trussing for the balcony area with Tannoy CVS6 ceiling speakers for underneath the balcony. All the speakers were powered from seven Lab Gruppen E series amplifiers ranging from E4:2 to E12:2 all routed from a Symetrics Jupiter audio DSP. This digital signal processor has inputs from the daytime audio system, daytime video system, lecturn microphone and inputs from the main audio desk and was programmed for optimum room graphic equalisation, speaker protection limits along with remote volume input.

Last year a huge 5m wide projection screen was installed above the stage and to keep costs down we re-used the schools existing projector. The video system was completed with an Extron IN 1608 DTP video switcher, DTP T MK 232 connection plate and DTP HDMI 4K receiver. System control for the audio and video installation is provided by SY Electronics with local KP8VE button panels.

Given the complexities and restrictions of the venue due to its architectural design we were extremely impressed with the outcome and the staff were overwhelmed with the completed system. It had been three years in the making but well worth the wait and we look forward to servicing and maintaining the theatre for many years to come.

If you have a theatre project you are thinking about why not give us a call to discuss and as you can see, with careful planning and a close working relationship, we can help develop a completed system as budgets allow.