Black anodised 2WAY curved track sections come as standard in a 1m radius (on the centre line) x 90 degrees to form a right angled section. The continuous tee slot in the top accepts our M8 ERAIL and 2WAY channel nuts which can be inserted anywhere along the track for the attachment of suspension fittings. The slots in the side of the track extrusion are designed to accept our 3W30 ceiling clips enabling the track to be fixed directly beneath a ceiling or soffitt. Separate track sections are joined together with our 2W05 joint sets. The lower section of the extrusion encloses the running surfaces for the carriers and feature keyhole slots for the roll pins included with the joint sets for correctly aligning the running surfaces.

2W01BC1000-90 (Black) £75.00 EX VAT
2W01SC1000-90 (Silver) £70.00 EX VAT