PAT Testing

PAT testing of stage lights


We do not believe in just plugging the light into a PAT tester and pressing a button.

We undertake a service of the lighting fixtures, which also includes a visual inspection inside and out then a PAT test is completed. 90% of all faults or potential future faults are identified during the visual inspection, experience is much more important than any expensive testing instrument.

Our service includes –

  • Cleaning of the lanterns – both inside and out as a layer of thick dust on the lens greatly reduces the light output. We often hear people talk about how poor the light output is from the old lanterns and they need new lights. Yes, the optics and efficiency have improved light levels but regular cleaning will greatly help the brightness and reduce the fire risk.
  • Electrical parts inspection – the plug, supply cable, cable gland, internal accessible wires especially around the moving lamp tray and checking the lamp holder and tightness of accessible terminals.
  • Mechanical inspection – checking and freeing up the internal moving parts such as the lamp tray or lens, lock off handles, yokes and shutters – remember these lights are suspended above the public or artists.
  • Optics check and setup – there are many adjustment knobs on theatre lanterns, which are often incorrectly set and rarely adjusted when a new lamp is inserted. We will aim to align the lamp in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Electrical PAT test – this is the quickest part of the process.

If we identify any missing or failed parts our service cost includes minor repairs such as nuts, washers and the odd re-termination. We carry a range of common spare parts and replacement lamps. Lamps and easily replaceable parts are generally undertaken at the same time and we only charge an additional cost for the parts thus saving a return visit or carriage charges. Where the unit requires a workshop repair such as a replacement lamp holder we will take the unit away for further assessment and quotation.

For most of our clients we also de-rig the lanterns from high level, undertake the service, re-rig, reposition and refocus the lanterns.

At the same time as servicing the theatre lights we can also undertake PAT testing of other equipment –

  • Moving Lights
  • LED Lights
  • Lighting Control Desks
  • Amplifiers
  • Audio Mixing Desks
  • Powered speakers
  • Source equipment in control booths
  • Video projectors
  • Specialist cables – Socapex or Lectriflex/Harting multicore cables,

However, we are not impressed when asked to PAT test a kettle!

Technical Document: Otago Blue Ltd – Service Procedure for Theatre Lanterns