Generic GX9.5 Lamp Socket for T11, T29 Lamps


Generic GX9.5 Lamp Socket for T11, T29 Lamps
Manufacturers Part No: N/A

Suitable for Selecon Compact & Rama, Strand Cantata & Pat 223/264 conversions, CCT Starlette and various other lanterns
Please note the attachment of original lamp holders varies immensely from folded tabs to rivets to spot welded. Therefore fixing of these generic replacements may require some  adjustment to the plate and additional components.

Pricing: POA each plus VAT and shipping

We have spent over 20 years servicing and repairing theatre lighting equipment both on site and in the workshop. The above are just a small selection of common or hard to find spare parts that we can supply. We also strip down legacy equipment that are uneconomical to repair so we have a range of used spare parts for sale. Whether you would like us to repair some equipment or want to have a go yourself please contact us

Unfortunately manufacturers have used alternative parts during the life time of products so please make sure that these are the correct components before ordering. Please note we do not offer returns on spare parts. We do have a minimum order quantity of £25 for stocked items and there may be a delivery surcharge for parts ordered direct from manufacturers.